State License number 270767404


Parents are expected to notify the daycare about any food or environmental allergies your child may have.  The dogs George and Chloe are part of our day care environment. 



The information in your child's record is considered privileged and confidential. DSS may review your child's record to ensure the daycare has followed its requirements in maintaining the information. As a parent/guardian, you may have access to view or modify your child's file. Upon withdrawal of your child from the daycare, files will be retained for seven years. 



Sandy Land’s main mission is to provide, the highest quality early education and care. This requires communication and commitment from all of us.  In the routine and regular process of daily living, there are inevitable situations or conflicts that may arise. Therefore, it is critical that an environment exists that fosters mutual respect, tolerance, and clear, honest communication. The emotional health of the daycare is not indicated by the absence of conflict, but its quick and appropriate resolution.  Periodically, parents will have a concern that needs to be addressed. If a concern arises you should discuss the issue with me in an appropriate manner never in front of children, as soon as possible.  Every situation is unique, and I will work with you to come to a resolution that meets the needs of your child, yourselves, and the daycare.



I do my best to keep our environment sanitized and healthy. 

I am NOT responsible for any COVID-19 infections or their complications even if traced back to this facility. 

Due to Covid-19 I will be limiting enrollment to one child only.

Emergency operation plans as provided by the CDC

·       Sandy Land will ensure to have adequate supplies on hand to support hand hygiene behaviors and routine    cleaning of objects and surfaces in the childcare.

·       All people in childcare must practice proper hand hygiene which consists of; Washing hands with soap and water 20 seconds. Using Alcohol-based sanitizers with 60% alcohol can be used IF soap and water are not readily available.  

·       There will be hand sanitation stations throughout the childcare.

·       All persons involved in the following activities should engage in hand washing hygiene; Arrival to facility. After a break. Before preparing food or beverages. Before and after handling food for children. Before and after diapering. After using toilet or assisting in bathroom. After coming in contact with bodily fluids. After cleaning up animal waste. After playing in sand or playing outdoors. After handling garbage. Always wash hands if visibly dirty.

·       Sandy Land will be Disinfecting frequently touched surfaces with an EPA approved cleaner throughout the day.

·       There is a limit of one family allowed at the door at a time.

·       Drop off and pick up is limited to no more than 5 minutes at the door.

·       NO personal belongings from home allowed in childcare. This includes shoes and Jackets which will be removed at the door and sent with parents. Parents will be required to provide one pair of closed toed crocs to be left at childcare. These will remain here and be sanitized daily.

·       Childcare hours are shortened to 7am - 4pm to ensure cleaning in the evening.

·       All adults at the childcare must cover nose and mouth with a cloth face covering at all times, even at the door. 

·       Nonessential individuals cannot enter childcare while children are present.

·       Child with any sign of illness are not allowed in childcare. 

·       Any adult with any sign of illness is not allowed in childcare.

·       Everyone will have a health screening by gloved & masked provider including thermal scan temperature check before entering childcare. Signs of illness include but are not limited to; flushed cheeks, glassy eyes, rapid breathing, difficulty breathing, coughing, runny nose, fatigue, fussiness, a temperature above 99.

·       All children are required to wash their hands with soap and water as soon as they enter the childcare. 

·       If a child becomes ill during the day, they will be isolated and must be picked up within 30 minutes of call.

·       Isolating room will be cleaned and sanitized after 4 hours of being used.

·       If provider becomes ill during the day, you will be called, children must be picked up within 30 minutes of call.

·       IF COVID-19 is confirmed in ANY person coming into childcare or their contacts, childcare will close for deep sanitation and remain quarantined for 14 days, or until such time as all infection has cleared.

·       Social distancing will be practiced in childcare. This focuses on remaining out of congregate settings, avoiding mass gatherings, and maintaining distance from others when possible. 

·       Child will be provided bedding for naps by the childcare, and it will be sanitized for their use. Children will be separated by 6 feet at nap time.

·       Toys that cannot be sanitized will not be used.

·       Toys that have been put in a child’s mouth will be put aside and washed with soap and water, then sanitized.

·       If child’s clothing becomes soiled during the day they will be changed and left in a sealed bag at the front door.

·       NO family style meals will be served. All food and beverages must be brought from home with no reusable containers, as after the meal the bag will be disposed of. Cups will be provided, and sanitized daily.




SAN JOSE, CA 95131 -- PHONE 408-324-2148 FAX 408-324-2160



I maintain a positive discipline policy, which focuses on prevention, redirection, consistency and firmness. I stress two main patterns of behavior: respect for other people, and respect for property. The children are explained the rules frequently, so they are all familiar with the guidelines. Please keep in mind that there WILL be disagreements between children. I will try to prevent problems, redirect when appropriate, discuss inappropriate behavior, encourage making amends when offense involves another person, and sometimes withdraw privileges based on the principle of "natural consequences". I do not use time out as a form of discipline.



We live and play with our Basset Hounds George and Chloe. They are out to roam the house throughout the day. They have constant interaction with the children and adore any attention the lavished on them. They are house trained.  Please be aware of front door manners so no children or dogs get out while you are here. All vaccinations are current.



Children should come to Sandy Land in play clothes as children may get dirty in their play.  Clothing should be easy on easy off for ease in toileting and diaper changing. Parents will be required to provide one pair of closed toed crocs to be left at childcare. To prevent the risk of strangulation, children’s clothing cannot have dangling drawstrings. There is no jewelry allowed at day care. 


There is a $300 enrollment fee to secure child care contract.


Evacuation plans are posted in the daycare. In the unlikely event, the children will be evacuated to an emergency location, and you will be notified as soon as possible.  Our emergency location of choice is Ryli’s & papa’s pizza on West Alisal.  A notice will be posted at the daycare with all information on the alternative site. 



I am open Monday through Friday  7am - 4pm



Children are NOT to be medicated prior to being sent to Day Care. If your child says they have been given Medicine, they will be sent home.               

Children must be picked up within 30 minutes if they become ill at Day Care.

If a child becomes ill, they must stay home at least 72 hours without symptoms or medication before returning to care.

Children are not permitted to attend Day Care if feeling badly at all. This includes allergies, and teething pains.

In the case of;

COVID_19 - No family member is allowed at day care if ANY family member tests positive for COVID-19

SEASONAL FLU – No family member is allowed at day care if ANY family member tests positive for flu.

NOROVIRUS - no family member is allowed at day care if ANY family member tests positive for Norovirus.

*A doctor’s note will not negate this policy; Provider has the final say.

 If I become ill with something brought in by a child and need to take off sick, it is an inconvenience to all.

It is the sole responsibility of parents to have an emergency back-up plan for alternate care.

 I do keep my vaccinations current including a yearly flu shot.

**I do not prorate tuition for my sick days.



Children are required to be current on all childhood immunizations to be in family childcare. I must have on file the REQUIRED STATE FORM PM 286 CALIFORNIA IMMUNIZATION RECORD and included a copy of child’s immunization Record. 



There is a late fee of $20 every 10 minutes after 4pm. After two late pick ups, no further child care will be provided.


LIC 995A CALIFORNIA STATE PARENT’S RIGHTS (updated 2006 version)As a Parent/Authorized Representative, you have the right to: 1. Enter and inspect the family childcare home without advance notice whenever children are in care. 2. File a complaint against the licensee with the licensing office and review the licensee’s public file kept by the licensing office. 3. Review, at the family childcare home, reports of licensing visits and substantiated complaints against the licensee made during the last three years. 4. Complain to the licensing office and inspect the family childcare home without discrimination or retaliation against you or your child. 5. Be notified and receive, from the licensee, a written notice that lists the name of any person not allowed in the family childcare home while children are present. (NOTE:  This notice is only required when the Department has, in writing, excluded someone from the family childcare home on or after January 1, 2001). 6. Request in writing that a parent not be allowed to visit your child or take your child from the family childcare home, provided you have shown a certified copy of a court order. 7. Receive from the licensee the name, address and telephone number of the local licensing office. Licensing Office Name:  SAN JOSE DAY CARE DISTRICT OFFICE Licensing Office Telephone #: 408-277-12868. Be informed by the licensee, upon request, of the name and type of association to the family childcare home for any adult who has been granted a criminal record exemption, and that the name of the person may also be obtained by contacting the local licensing office. 9. Receive, from the licensee, the Caregiver Background Check Process form. 10. Be informed, by the licensee, that the facility has or does not have liability insurance (or a bond) that covers injury to client’s due to the negligence of the licensee or employees of the facility. NOTE: CALIFORNIA STATE LAW PROVIDES THAT THE LICENSEE MAY DENY ACCESS TO THE FAMILY CHILD CARE HOME TO A     PARENT/AUTHORIZED REPRESENTATIVE IF THE BEHAVIOR OF THE PARENT/AUTHORIZED REPRESENTATIVE POSES A RISK TO CHILDREN IN CARE. For the Department of Justice “Registered Sex Offender” database, go to www.meganslaw.ca.gov LIC 995A (12/06)



The California Department of Social Services works to protect the safety of children in childcare by licensing childcare centers and family childcare homes. Our highest priority is to be sure that children are in safe and healthy childcare settings. California law requires a background          check for any adult, who owns, lives in, or works in a licensed childcare home or center. Each of these adults must submit fingerprints so that a background check can be done to see if they have any history of crime. If we find that a person has been convicted of a crime other than a minor traffic violation, he/she cannot work or live in the licensed childcare home or center unless approved by the Department. This approval is called an exemption. A person convicted of a crime such as murder, rape, torture, kidnapping, crimes of sexual violence or molestation against children cannot by law be given an exemption that would allow them to own, live in or work in a licensed childcare home or center. If the crime was a felony or a serious misdemeanor, the person must leave the facility while the request is being reviewed. If the crime is less    serious, he/she may be allowed to remain in the licensed childcare home or center while the exemption request is being reviewed. How the Exemption Request is Reviewed We request information from police departments, the FBI and the courts about the person’s record. We consider the type of crime, how many crimes there were, how long ago the crime happened and whether the person has been honest in what they told us. The person who needs the exemption must provide information about: • The crime • What they have done to change their life and obey the law • Whether they are working, going to school, or receiving training • Whether they have successfully completed a counseling or rehabilitation program the person also gives us reference letters from people who aren’t related to them who know about their history and their life now. We look at all these things very carefully in making our decision on exemptions. By law this information cannot be shared with the public. How to Obtain More Information As a parent or authorized representative of a child in licensed childcare, you have the right to ask the licensed childcare home or center whether anyone working or living there has an exemption. If you request this information, and there is a person with an exemption, the child care home or center must tell you the person’s name and how he or she is involved with the home or center and give you the name, address, and telephone number of the local licensing office. You may also get the person’s name by contacting the local licensing office. You may find the address and phone number on our website. The website address is http://ccl.dss.cahwnet.gov/RegionalOf1829.html 



As required by Health and Safety: Code Sections 1597.44 (c) and 1597.465 (c), you are hereby advised that; I am licensed as a Small Family Child Care Home and may provide care for a maximum of 8 children when one child is enrolled in and attending Kindergarten or elementary school and another child is at least six years old and no more than 2 infants are in care.



Family Child Care (FCC) is provided by the home of a licensed provider for up to eight children with one adult or up to 14 children with one adult and one assistant provider. FCC homes provide a home like setting. Making sure that licensed FCC homes are providing safe care is the job of the licensing agency, the parents, and the provider. HEALTH and SAFETY CHECKLIST: You should check for basic health and safety practices in the home. Your FCC provider, by state law and regulation, must do the following: Get a license from the local licensing agency.  Provide care to no more than eight children, or fourteen children if the provider has an assistant. Provide a smoke free environment. Provide care for only four (4) children under age 2.  Make sure the home has heat in cold weather and is cool in hot weather. Make sure swimming pools are fenced. Keep detergents and cleaning products out of children’s reach. Baby gates must block stairs in facilities when children less than five years old are in care. Store guns, other weapons, and poisons in locked areas. Have an emergency plan in case of fire or earthquake. Keep an emergency information card on every child in care. Keep a fire extinguisher and working smoke alarm in the FCC home. Not use baby walkers, bouncers or similar items WHAT SHOULD THE FAMILY CHILD CARE HOME PROVIDE?  You should get answers to these questions before placing your child in the home: Is the home clean and safe? Are there enough toys and games?  How will my child be disciplined? (Spanking, hitting, slapping, shaking and so forth are not permitted in licensed homes.)  What meals will my child be given?  How will the food I bring be stored and           prepared?  Is there enough room (indoor and outdoor) for my child to play?  What activities are planned for my child?  ow will my child be cared for when he or she gets sick? How many other children will be in care? What ages are the other children? What is the sleeping/napping/rest arrangements?  DISCUSS THE FOLLOWING WITH THE PROVIDER:  Setting times for arrival and pickup.  Bringing items from home (food, toys, change of diapers, change of clothes, toothbrush, infant furniture and so forth).  Providing instructions for giving medicines or special food.  Providing telephone numbers for home, work, spouse’s work, doctor and neighbor.  Providing a list of names and telephone numbers of people who may pick up your child. GOOD CHILD CARE INCLUDES THESE THINGS:  A provider who provides warm and loving care and guidance for your child, and who works with you and your family to make sure your child grows and learns in the best way possible. A home that keeps your child safe, secure and healthy.  Activities that help your child grow mentally, physically, socially and emotionally. Your involvement in your child’s care.



For the health and hygiene of all. Parents are to provide food and beverage other than water for each day in a packed sack; Child will not be permitted to stay without itNo lunch boxes, or reusable containers. Food must be ready to serve. No nuts as some children are allergic.



I do not give any medications to the children. I will ask children if they have had medicine. 

If your child needs to be medicated to get through the day, then he or she is too sick to attend daycare. 



Infants will be napped daily as needed.

Children will be provided age appropriate bed & bedding. There shall be no drop offs at this time, and I prefer no pick-ups.



Please feel free to come and pick up your child throughout the day, you do not need to call first. 

No adult is allowed to come into the Day Care while children are present.



No outside toys should be brought to day care. I am not responsible for any loss or breakage of personal items. 



If the power remains out for longer than one hour, you will be called to pick up your child.



It may not always be possible for me to talk with you on the phone during the day.  If that is the case, I will call you back as soon as possible. Generally, between 12:30pm -2:30pm is a good time to call since the children should be napping. I do not take phone calls or text after 6pm or on weekends.



I am a required by law to report any suspected incidents of possible child abuse or neglect. Your child can be questioned by child protective services at any time without your consent.



There will be a yearly revision to this handbook and the accompanying contract. All families will sign a new contract each year. I reserve the right to make changes in rates and policies, as I deem necessary. 



Sandy Land is a smoke and Vape free environment.



Please apply sunscreen on your child before you leave home. Sandy Land does not provide or apply sunscreen, there are so many kinds and preferences it is impossible to accommodate everyone.



I allow TV viewing 


Sign in is required by the State of California. You must use your own pen.

Children must have sack lunch with them at drop off.

Childs temperature will be checked before entering Day Care. Temperature must be under 99 degrees to enter.

Transitions into Day Care should be limited to no more than 5 minutes. 

No adults are allowed in the environment while children are present. 

Ideal Drop offs are from 9am - 9:30am.  There are no Drop offs after 10am. 

Pick-ups should be any time other than quiet time 12:00pm - 3pm. 

There is only one drop off and one pick up per day. 

Once you arrive at Day Care for any reason, plan to take your child with you when you leave.



I am more than happy to encourage toilet training if the child is ready typically between thirty months and 3 years old. Parents need to start training at home with success before it can be effectively started at daycare. Parents will be required to supply pull-ups. Children will be allowed to come to daycare in cotton training pants/underwear after they have been accident free for at least two weeks in pull-ups. Communication between parents and the daycare provider is imperative for a successful transition from diapers to toilet.