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AGES SERVED   The ages of the children in Sandy land are 15 months up to 8 years old.I am occasionally available for drop in of school age children, that have attended Sandy Land as preschoolers. My program is optimal for ages 1.5 years – 8 years.

BITING  Biting can be a normal stage of development.  When it happens, it's scary, frustrating, and very stressful for everyone involved. When biting happens, my response will be to care for and help the child who was bitten, the biter will be separated from the group. Although it is a normal phase for some children, the needs of the many in this case outweigh the needs of the one. 1st bite - An Incident report will be written on the biting. 2nd  bite - An Incident report will be written on the biting, and a warning of termination will be given to the biter. 3rd  bite – Child care for the biter will be terminated.

BIRTHDAYS   Your child’s birthday is an important day and Sandy Land is happy to celebrate it.  Your child’s birthday will be in the monthly newsletter and on the big day will make a special birthday hat, have a gift for him/her and provide cupcakes for the celebration.  The birthday child will be allowed to have his/her favorite books read, sing favorite songs and do a special activity that is appropriate for the whole group.

BOTTLES AND PACIFIERS  Please leave bottle and pacifiers in the car or at home as they get in the way of speech development and new advanced skills your child will be learning.

CHANGE OF SCHEDULE  It may happen you need to change your child's schedule. Please call the daycare if your child is going to be absent, or if you will be arriving after 9:00am, so that I can plan for the day and be prepared to receive your child.

CHILDREN’S CUBBY SPACE  Children will have their own cubby space by the front door. In this space, they can keep items from home, jackets, their important things.  Please do not allow children to go through any other child’s belongings, these are private.

CONFIDENTIALITY OF CHILDREN'S RECORDS  The information in your child's record is considered privileged and confidential. Anyone who is not directly related to the care of your child or with the Department of Early Education and Care will have access to the record without your written permission. DSS may review your child's record to ensure the daycare has followed its requirements in maintaining the information. As a parent/guardian, you may have access to view or modify your child's file.  Upon withdrawal of your child from the daycare, files will be retained for seven years.

CONFLICT RESOLUTION   Sandy Land’s main mission is to provide, in partnership with parents, the highest quality early education and care. This requires communication and commitment from all of us.  In the routine and regular process of daily living, there are inevitable situations or conflicts that may arise. Therefore, it is critical that an environment exists that fosters mutual respect, tolerance, and clear, honest communication. The emotional health of the daycare is not indicated by the absence of conflict, but its quick and appropriate resolution.  Periodically, parents will have a concern that needs to be addressed. If a concern arises you should discuss the issue with me in an appropriate manner never in front of children, as soon as possible.  Every situation is unique and I will work with you to come to a resolution that meets the needs of your child, yourselves, and the daycare.

DAILY SIGN IN SHEET   Each day on arrival you will be asked to sign your child in on our sign in sheet at the front DOOR. Upon pick up your child, you will then sign your child out.  These can be provided to licensing to verify compliance with capacity regulations. Also can be used in case of emergency to verify who is on the premises should help be required. If we vacate this clip board will accompany us.


7:00 – Sandy land opens – Free play and Baby first television offered
9:00 ~ Breakfast served on demand from arrival until 9am
9:15 ~ Circle time in the class room – include but not limited to; Flag salute, sharing events of our weekend / evening, talk about date, weather, upcoming events, plans for our day, 
9:30 ~ Structured activities – include but not limited to; story books, art project, Clifford classroom book, play dough, games, music, geo boards, puzzles, beading, so much more…
10:30 ~ Outdoor Recess (weather permitting) ~ Classroom sensory areas in bad weather
11:00 ~ Lunch
11:45 ~ Story time
Noon ~ Transition to nap, Potty time, diapers, pick music, stories, tuck in.
12:30 - 3:00 ~ Quiet time / Sleep
3:00 ~ Afternoon Snack
3:30 ~ Outdoor Recess (weather permitting) ~ Classroom sensory areas in bad weather
4:00 ~ Free play
5:00 ~ Baby Television is offered
5:30 ~ Reunite with Parents

DIAPERING  Children in diapers are given a fresh diaper at 8am, 10am, 12:30pm, 3pm & 5pm, or when soiled.  Sandy land provides diapers and wipes Sandy Land does not provide pull-ups, diapering cream or powder.

DISCIPLINE  I maintain a positive discipline policy, which focuses on prevention, redirection, consistency and firmness. I stress two main patterns of behavior: respect for other people, and respect for property. The children are explained the rules frequently, so they are all familiar with the guidelines. Please keep in mind that there WILL be disagreements between children. I will try to prevent problems, redirect when appropriate, discuss inappropriate behavior, encourage making amends when offense involves another person, and sometimes withdraw privileges based on the principle of "natural consequences". The use of time outs will be rare they will be used as a brief cooling off period is needed.

DOG   We live and play with our Basset Hounds George and Chloe. They are out to roam the house throughout the day. They have constant interaction with the children and adore any attention the lavished on them. They are house trained.  Please be aware of front door manners so no children or dogs get out while you are here. Our Vet is Doctor Mel White (831) 262-0253 all vaccinations are current.

DRESS CODE  Children should come to Sandy Land in play clothes, when possible. Please know that we have many activities that may dirty or even stain their clothing.  Clothing should be easy on easy off for ease of changing.  Girls are required to wear shorts over their panties under skirts and dresses, for modesty purposes.  **There is a potential strangulation hazard with drawstrings & jewelry.  To prevent injuries from strangulation,  children will not be permitted to wear clothing with drawstrings at the neck or waist or jewelry in day care.

ENROLLMENT FEE  A one-time $300 nonrefundable enrollment fee is required upon registering your child. Please make checks out to Sandy Hall.

EVACUATION PROCEDURES   Sandy Land Home Daycare has written policies and procedures for dealing with emergencies and natural disasters. Evacuation plans are posted in the daycare. In the unlikely event, the children will be evacuated to an emergency location, and you will be notified as soon as possible. Our emergency location of choice is Mountain Mikes on West Alisal. A notice will be posted at the daycare with all information on the alternative site. Directions to Mountain Mikes are as follows: From our house on Bellarmine turn right out of our driveway. Go straight down the street to West Alisal. Cross West Alisal to the parking lot of Mountain Mikes we will be outside.

FIREPLACE / APPLIANCE SAFETY   The fireplace in the living room is used for decoration only. The Barbecue in the classroom is for storage. The gas Barbecue grill in the yard is only used when children are not present.  I use only the back two burners on the stove in the kitchen while the children are present. The children are not allowed past the breakfast bar when food is being heated or moved.

GUNS   There are no firearms or other intended weapons in Sandy Land

HOLIDAY CLOSURE SCHEDULE   Federal and California state holidays are paid. 

               Provider vacation; I do not charge for my vacation closures. 


               January–  New Year’s Day (January 1)       Martin Luther King Day (Third Monday)

               FebruaryPresidents Day (Third Monday)

               April –  Caesar Chavez Day (March 31)

               MayMemorial Day (Last Monday)          

               July– Independence Day (July 4th

               SeptemberLabor Day (First Monday)

               October Columbus Day (Second Monday)

               NovemberVeterans Day (November 11)        Thanksgiving & Black Friday (Fourth week)

               December– Christmas Eve (December 24)       Christmas Day (December 25) 

HOURS OF OPERATION  I am open Monday through Friday -- 7:00 A.M. to 5:30 P.M.

ILLNESS                  Children are NOT to be medicated prior to being sent to Day Care.               Children must stay home at least 24 hours without symptoms or medication. Children are not permitted to attend day care with any of the following; 

                     ·     Eyes; any discharge from their eye / eyes.

                    ·     Diarrhea / loose stools.

·     Difficulty breathing.

·      Fever 100ºF or higher. 

·     Head lice. 

·     Heavy coughing.

·     Flu – No family member is allowed at day care if anyfamily member tests positive for flu.

·     Norovirus, no family member is allowed at day care if any family member tests positive for Norovirus.

·     Rash of any kind other than diaper.

·     Strep throat. Minimum 48 hours of antibiotics. 

·     Unusual Irritability or Lethargy.

·     Vomiting.

         *A doctor’s note will not negate this policy.

**I do not prorate tuition for my sick days.  I do keep my vaccinations current including a yearly flu shot.

INFECTION CONTROL  Sandy Land follows proper hygiene practices, which includes hand-washing procedure, general infection control, safe food handling, and diapering and toileting procedures.  Sandy land will ensure that certain equipment, items, and surfaces are sanitized using soap and water followed by a bleach solution daily. Toilets, toilet seats, flushing handles, water tables and water play equipment, play tables, and smooth nonporous floors are cleaned daily and whenever there is visible contamination.  Blankets and washable toys are washed by machine at the end of each week.

LATE PICK UPS  Please make sure to plan your day so that you have ample time to pick your child up no later than 5:30pm. If possible when you think you may be late, arrange to have an alternate to pick up your child.  Late fee in cash at late pickup is $20 every 15 minutes after 5:30.  If late pickups become chronic, there will be two written warnings then child care will be terminated.

MEALS  Sandy Land provides all meals and snacks.  We participate in the federal food program Monterey Bay Agency. All meals are monitored by this agency.  Federal law prohibits Childcare from serving juice or any flavored drinks.  Plain unflavored non-fat milk and water are the only beverages served to children in childcare.  Meals will consist of  Breakfast on demand at drop off by 9am ~  Am Snack at 10am ~ Lunch at 11:30am ~ Afternoon snack at 3pm. Children who arrive after meal times should be fed before they arrive. CONTACT INFORMATION For; Monterey Bay Agency 1535 Seabright Ave Suite 220Santa Cruz CA 95062 ~~ 831.423.7900

MEDICAL EMERGENCIES ALLERGY PREVENTION  Parents are expected to notify the daycare about any food or environmental allergies your child may have. The dog George and hamster Cheryl are part of our day care environment.

MEDICAL EMERGENCIES DENTAL HEALTH  Oral trauma necessitates immediate attention by a dentist. If a child loses his/her tooth, he/she will be asked to bite on some gauze to stop the bleeding and the tooth will be put in a cup of milk or saline solution and a damp cloth to take to the dentist.  The parent will be notified and asked to pick up their child to take to the dentist.

MEDICAL EMERGENCIES INJURY PREVENTION  Daily safety inspections of the daycare area and equipment are preformed prior to children’s arrival.  Defective equipment will be removed as soon as possible to prevent injury.  Small objects that could pose a choking hazard to toddlers under 3 years will not be allowed in areas designated for children.  When in the day care ensure that purses and briefcases are not left within the reach of children. Do not send medicine in your child’s bag or pocket.

MEDICAL EMERGENCY PROCEDURES   Emergency information is kept on file at the daycare.  In case of illness or injury this information will be used to notify you or the person designated by you, of your child's status.  If your child is injured while at the daycare, first aid will be administered.  You will be contacted immediately if the injury produces any type mark, swelling or needs medical attention.  If treatment by a doctor is necessary, I will make every effort to contact you.  In the case of an injury, an injury report is completed, and a copy is given to the parents.  Authorization for emergency treatment must be signed at the time of enrollment to ensure that in the event of an emergency.  we can make sure your child receives the necessary emergency treatment he or she needs.  It is very important that all emergency contact information is kept up to date and correct.  Please inform us immediately of any changes to keep your information current.  Parents are responsible for all costs involved in emergency medical treatment, including emergency transportation if required.  Note: In case of a serious accident or sudden illness requiring immediate medical attention, the following procedures will be followed.  1 - A phone call to 911 is made.  2 - Child's parents (or emergency contacts) are called.  3 - Child is separated from the other children and appropriately cared for.  4 - Parent or ambulance takes the child and health records to the hospital.

MEDICATION  I do not give any over the counter medications to the children.  If your child needs to be medicated to get through the day, then he or she is too sick to attend daycare.  I will however give certain doctor prescribed medications to the children, if the medication consent form has been signed.

NAP TIME  All children in Sandy Land are required to have a quiet time daily. Nap time is 12pm – 3pm daily.  Children will be provided age appropriate bed & bedding.

 OFF LIMITS  Poisons / Cleaning supplies are all stored in the main garage behind a triple locked door off limits to children.  Medications both prescription and over the counter are stored in a locked walk in closet on the top shelf off limits to children.  Kitchen Knives are on top of the refrigerator off limits and out of the reach of children.

OPEN DOOR POLICY  Please feel free to come and pick up your child throughout the day, other than at nap time.  Once you pick your child up please plan to have them with you the remained of the day.  Coming into the day care to play with your child for an extended period, is not allowed.  Having adults linger is disruptive to the other children and their play.

PARENT COMMUNICATION  I am committed to creating a strong home and daycare connection by developing a process of open and honest communication with you regarding your child's development and experience while in my care. If you have questions, please ask.

PARKING  Please park at curbside in front of the house. Please keep the driveway clear after 4:45pm. 

PERSONAL BELONGINGS   Do not bring toys from home. Little ones have a difficult time sharing with others, and it is even harder with their own special toys. If toys are brought, please note that they will be put away in your child’s cubby. I am not responsible for any loss or breakage of personal items. All personal items must be clearly marked with the child's name.

POWER OUTAGES   If the power remains out for longer than one hour, you will be called to pick up your child.

PHONE CALLS    It may not always be possible for me to talk with you on the phone during the day.  If that is the case, I will call you back as soon as possible. Generally, between 12:30pm -2:30pm is a good time to call since the children should be napping.

PHOTOGRAPHY  There will be photos and/or video taken of all children in Sandy Land.  These images will be shared with family & friends via email, social media and text. All images taken are the sole property of Sandra Hall, to use as she sees fit.   Parents will be required to sign a Model Release form for each of their children.  This consent will be in effect from the child’s original start date at the day care,  and remain in effect indefinitely, even after the child is no longer in the care of Sandra Hall.

RECIEPT & TAXES  All Sandy Land financial records are up to the month current and kept using Quicken. Any time a receipt is needed please free to ask, they are easy to print up. Parents will be provided a receipt for their yearly income taxes including my EIN tax ID number every December 15th. I am happy to cooperate with parents who choose to do a pre tax deduction at their place of employment.

REPORTING CHILD ABUSE / NEGLECT  I am required by law to report any suspected incidents of possible child abuse or neglect. Your child can be questioned by child protective services at any time without your consent.

REVISIONS TO HANDBOOK AND CONTRACT  There will be a yearly revision to this handbook and the accompanying contract. All families will sign a new contract each year. I reserve the right to make changes in rates and policies, as I deem necessary. There is a minimum standard 3% tuition increase each year.

SAFETY AND DRILLS  Smoke detectors and carbon dioxide detector are installed throughout the environment.  There is also a central alarm that is active always. There is a fire extinguisher by the front door. Fire & Earthquake drills will be held monthly in accordance with DSS policy. The daycare conducts the drills and written records of all drills are kept on file. 

SMOKING  Sandy Land is a smoke free environment.

SPECIAL DIETS  If your child has any particular dietary needs resulting from being a vegetarian, having allergies, religious beliefs, etcetera, then we must be informed. When applicable Sandy land is to be given a doctor's note on office letter head stating to the dietary needs. At that time it will be determined if your child can participate in the food program. Certain meals and different types of foods can usually be substituted in place of, in order to still fulfill the dietary requirements of the Program. However, if a viable solution cannot be reached between parent, provider, and the food Program with regards to their rules and regulations, then all of the child's meals and snacks will have to be provided by the parent.

SUNSCREEN   Please apply sunscreen on your child before you leave home. Sandy Land does not provide or apply sunscreen, there are so many kinds and preferences it is impossible to accommodate everyone.

TELEVISION   I allow limited TV viewing consisting of Baby First TV only. Children are NEVER required to sit and watch TV, and TV is not offered in place of Free Play or Learning Activities.  

 TERMINATION  Sandy Land requires a 30-day written notice from the first of the month with your final tuition check when care is to be ended. This facility reserves the right to terminate childcare at any time without prior notice. There is NO refund of any moneys paid if termination is due to misconduct on the part of parent or child.

TOTAL CHILDREN IN CARE  I am licensed as a Small Family Child Care Home and may provide care for a maximum of 8 children.An Infant is under two years old.    A child is age two years old or older.    School age child is at least six years old. The breakdown of enrollment can be as follows; 4 Infants (An infant is a child under 2 years) ~ or ~ 6 Children (Child is over 2 years of age) ~ or ~ 3 Infants and 3 Children ~ or ~ 6 Children and 2 School age   ~ or ~ 2 Infants, 4 Children and 2 School age

TRANSITIONS Drop off & Pick up   I will work closely with you to make the timing and process of transitioning into the daycare as smooth as possible.  The first transition into Sandy Land can be a challenging period for families as everyone adjusts to new routines and people. Long goodbyes are hard on children. I will help you perfect the quick kiss and off to work goodbye. At pick up your child will want nothing more than to be your center of attention. Transitions into and out of Day Care should be limited to 10 minuets, so the children are our focus. Because transitions are hard for children I do limit them to one drop off and one pick up per day. Drop offs should be from 7:30am – 9:30am so we can get our day started together. Pick-ups are any time other than nap time 12:00pm - 3pm so the groups rest is not interrupted. Once a child is picked up, you should plan to have them with you for the rest of the day.

TOILET TRAINING  I am more than happy to encourage toilet training if the child is ready (typically between thirty months and 3 years old). Parents need to start training at home with success before it can be effectively started at daycare. Parents will be required to supply pull-ups. Children will be allowed to come to daycare in cotton training pants/underwear after they have been accident free for at least two weeks in pull-ups. Communication between parents and the daycare provider is imperative for a successful transition from diapers to toilet.

TUITION   Tuition includes; diapers, wipes, two meals & two snacks, all learning supplies.  
 Tuition is due in full on or before the 1stof each month.  
If the first falls on Sat / Sun tuition is due on the Friday before.  Tuition is paid in advance for the month to reserve a child’s space.  Tuition is based on enrollment, not on attendance. 

TUITION LATE FEE  There is a tuition late fee of $20 per day in cash for every day past the 1st.  Tuition late fee is paid for ALL days tuition is late including weekends and Holidays.  If a check is returned, late fees will be applied as well as bank charges I incur. All tuition past that point will be paid in cash.  If tuition is late, child care will not be provided until it is brought current, after one week child care is terminated.  After three late payments child care is terminated. 

VACATION  Parents will be notified as soon as I have solid dates each year for my vacation time. Tuition is prorated for my vacation time.  As a courtesy I ask parents to let me know when they will be gone on vacation. Tuition is not prorated for your vacation time.    

WATER PLAY  In warm weather I do allow sprinkler and water table play.  All children are provided swim shorts and rash guard swim shirts to get wet in.


All food and drinks must be kept in the kitchen area.

No playing in the bathroom.

No coloring on anything but paper.

Name calling and foul language or yelling is not allowed.

No hitting, kicking, pushing, pinching, biting, spitting or pulling hair.

No pulling or picking of plants, grass, trees, or flowers.

No picking-up, pulling, poking or squeezing of babies.

All kitchen and bathroom cupboards are off limits to daycare children.

Take turns and share.

Help clean up.

Laugh, smile, play, and be happy.



Open communication.

Explain clearly and carefully your wishes and expectations about how your child will be cared for.

Provide updates on problems and progress that you child is making.

Agreement on Terms or Arrangements.

Honesty and Trust.

This includes being honest about how you believe the arrangement is working.

Although you need to be vigilant in order to safeguard your child,

you should trust me as your childcare provider to do the best for your child.

Show you trust by asking questions rather than jumping to conclusions when apparent problems develop.

Pick up on Tme.

Payment on time and no “rubber” checks.


Be kind and respectful to all the children in the day care.

Realize that taking care of children is a job and that not only am I a worker, but also a person with feeliings.

Recognize that this is not an easy job.

Last but not least. I am only human; I’m not “superwoman”.

Please don’t expect me to do things that you yourself would not want to do.


It is important that you feel comfortable with my policies and procedures. If you do not understand something, have a concern, or you feel uncomfortable with one or more of my policies and/or procedures it is important that you express that to me before enrolling your child in my daycare. I am always open to suggestions and feel communication is a very important part of a quality daycare. If there are any problems or concerns in the future, I encourage you to talk to me about them. If a lengthy discussion is needed, a time that is convenient for both of us will be scheduled, as the other children still need my attention during business hours.





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