Sandy Land Small Family Infant Care

Childhood is a short and precious time. When it is impossible for a parent to stay home, there is no better place than a quality Small Family Care home. 
Families need to feel safe in these days of Covid-19. Sandy Land is a very small licensed family child care limiting enrollment to two full time children. Children should be  age 2 years - 8 years. 
There is tightened sanitation and illness procedures in place. 




A $500 nonrefundable enrollment fee is required each fall upon registering your child. 

Monday 9-4
Tuesday 9-4
Wednesday 9-4
Thursday 9-4
Friday - Closed
Saturday - Closed
Sunday - Closed


Tuition is due in full on or before the morning of the 1st of each month in cash. 

 If the first falls on Sat / Sun tuition is due on the Friday before.  

Tuition is based on enrollment, not on attendance.  

There is NO part time rate.  

Tuition is $2000 per month 

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